February 2019: Zusha!

Every morning as I wave my ‘ducklings’ off to school on their bikes I implore them to be safe on the roads – a fact they reminded me of when my daughter suggested Zusha! as our February charity. In Africa road fatalities and injuries impact twice the number of people as major health endemics like malaria. However this month’s story is not really mine to tell. Again this month, we handed over the decision to the kids and they both researched and came up with some great ideas of where our money could do the most good. This month my daughter takes the reins of our effective altruism efforts…

I chose Zusha! Road Safety Campaign as our monthly donation because I scrolled through The Life You Can Save effective altruism site and it caught my eye with its images. I read the details of the company and I thought it was a really great cause, because this isn’t just a problem in Africa; cars, buses and public transport all over the world are crashing, speeding, and endangering the lives of their passengers. This may be a big issue in Africa but really, even in the most suburban, rich areas there are crashes. For the leading causes for death worldwide, road accidents come in at number ten, above stomach/liver cancer and malaria, and just below tuberculosis and diarrhoeal diseases. Each year, 1.3 million deaths occur from road accidents, meaning this is the leading cause for accidental deaths. Zusha! has reduced road fatalities in Africa by 50% and is inspiring passengers of public transport to ‘zusha’, or ‘speak up/protest’. Therefore I chose Zusha! Road Safety Campaign as our monthly donation because I believe that it is making a large difference to road fatalities in Africa.

When telling us about her idea to donate to Zusha!, my daughter showed us this great video that is part of the awareness campaign the team has put together – watch here.

I love that this campaign puts the onus on the individual to speak up for their own safety. And it’s working.