November 2018: The Tap-Out

My 12 year old daughter and I both recently read ‘Dry’ by the Shustermans. A teen fiction book, the novel outlines the repercussions of a fictional Californian drought that escalates to catastrophic precautions. The ‘Tap-Out’, as it’s referred to in the book, comes to a head when the taps run dry. Within days neighbours and the local community have turned on each other in the search for water.

While reading the book I felt a little guilty every time I turned on the tap for a glass of water, to brush my teeth, or to have a shower. How completely we take this luxury – access to clean water – for granted.

As often happens in what appears the perfect synchronicity of the world, around the same time we received a letter from Care Australia seeking support for their appeal to bring safe and clean water to some of the most remote and vulnerable families in the world. 

Care’s appeal words ‘… because what you get with the turn of a tap, some children have to walk miles for…’ couldn’t have come at a more apt time, with water scarcity and supply being top of mind.  On top of the availability of water, often the water children are walking miles to collect is dirty – full of dangerous, deadly bacteria. It can be collected from an open well – a hole in the ground where water gathers, along with rubbish, animal waste and many other things no one should be drinking.

Our November donation provides 123 families in remote areas, where water cleanliness and supply are real life-threatening issues, with access to clean, safe water from a borehole.