January 2020: Re-committing our five per cent

With the launch of Write the World notebooks in September last year, all our family’s monthly donations since then have been directed towards the production of notebooks. Our vision is to ensure that our customers know that every single dollar they spend on notebooks is donated to effective charities tackling global poverty, as recommended by The Life You Can Save. Not just the profit, the full purchase price.

But you know what? I really miss our own family conversations around where our monthly donation will go. For me, it is a massively rewarding part of the process and I think it’s a really important step in keeping us on track as a family in remembering just how incredibly lucky we are and how grateful we should be for the life we lead.

So, in 2020 we will be continuing to run Write the World notebooks as well as re-committing to our five per cent monthly donations on top of that.

Having said that, in January we are donating more than five per cent, and not to a necessarily ‘effective charity’.

As everyone is all too aware, Australia has been faced with a terrible bushfire season and back at the start of January we pledged as a family to donate an extra $10 for every Write the World notebook sold to the bushfire appeals.

We sold 89 notebooks in January. So that’s $890 to effective charities tackling global poverty (the full purchase price of the notebooks), plus a bonus $890 to the bushfire appeals from our family. Happily my employer is also matching employee donations to the bushfire appeals, meaning we will be donating $1,780 to the bushfire appeals.

Making a total of $2,670 to charity for the month. We are not quite in Celeste Barber’s league, but every little bit helps.