Do you love the sound of Stephen Fry’s voice?

In 2015 our family embarked on a ‘big red road trip’ from Darwin in the north of Australia, down to Alice Springs in the centre of Australia. It was 1,500 kilometres with just me, my husband, our two kids… and Stephen Fry.

And when I say Stephen Fry, I mean we listened to a Harry Potter audio book narrated by Stephen Fry. Sadly, he wasn’t in the car with us. Though even if he wanted to come there wouldn’t have been room, what with the tents and the eskies and the lilos and the sleeping bags and every other essential you need on a getting back to nature road trip.

Hour after hour, kilometre after kilometre, Stephen talked us through the Australian outback. Often as we pulled up at majestic landmarks – Kakadu, the Olgas, Uluru, Karlu Karlu – we would all look at each other and taciturnly agree to stay in the car until Stephen finished the particular chapter we were on. I don’t know if we were sadder when the trip ended or the audio book finished.

So, you can imagine how excited I was when I heard that Stephen Fry was one of the narrators on the new audio version of the tenth anniversary edition, The Life You Can Save. If you haven’t heard of it, The Life You Can Save is Peter Singer’s landmark book about how we can all be doing our part to end world poverty. Don’t take my word for it though. Check out what Bill Gates says about it – “A persuasive and inspiring work that will change the way you think about philanthropy… and shows us we can make a profound difference in the lives of the world’s poorest.”

Having different celebrities narrate different chapters of the book is such a great idea. As well as my favourite voice ever, Stephen Fry, there is also a chapter narrated by Kristen Bell. For those of you who haven’t watched The Good Place yet, get to it – super funny. Kristen plays the role of Eleanor Shellstrop – a morally challenged character and an absolutely inspired choice to narrate a book on ethics.

And guess what? You can download a copy of the audio book – or the ebook if for some reason you want to read it yourself rather than have Stephen Fry read it to you – for free.

And just when you thought it couldn’t possibly get any better? For every time the book is downloaded before the 31 December, US$1 is donated to The Life You Can Save.

Download your copy of either the audio book or the ebook of The Life You Can Save from here. You’re welcome.