I had an idea for an app last week. I needed potatoes for dinner and rather than walk around the shop I was definitely in the market for an app that would let me press a few buttons and potatoes would magically appear out of my iPhone. I’m going to call it ‘Spudmeister’. My other idea for an app is ‘RipenMyAvocadoRightNow’ where you wave your iPhone and the app over the rock hard avocado you have earmarked for lunch and it magically turns ripe and soft. You heard it here first.

One app that is a little closer to reality comes from The Life You Can Save, and is now in beta testing. We trialled it out Sunday night and it’s ace.

We divided our May donation of $891 four ways and all took a turn at the app.

With my share I cured three people of blindness through 15 minute cataract surgery. Talk about seeing the light.

My daughter was next up and she chose to help 600 children avoid malnutrition, the leading cause of intellectual disability and blindness, through provision of micronutrients. She just turned 13 so in the same tech session was allowed to download Instagram. While she was chuffed to assist 600 children, finally getting Insta won out as the highlight of her evening.

My husband was next. He loved the micronutrients option too and was able to help an additional 560 children. The fact that he did it from the comfort of his couch with a glass of red in hand probably helped his feeling of good will.

Our son got home a bit later and took his turn. Having just finished a school assignment on third-world countries’ most pressing health issues, he opted for protecting 150 people from malaria for three to four years through the purchase of 75 bed nets.

So all in all, 1,313 people helped through The Life You Can Save app. It’s a thumbs up on the beta testing from us.

Now to the shops to buy a ripe avocado for dinner…

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