April 2018: Give Directly. No strings attached.

This month we are trying something different and instead of donating to an effective program we are donating directly to individuals via Give Directly.

Give Directly provides unconditional cash transfers to some of the poorest people in Kenya and Uganda. These are people who are living on around 65 cents a day. If I buy a coffee at a café I’ve automatically spent seven times that.

The money is provided for the families to spend in the way that suits them best – they can buy much-needed food and shelter, educate their children or start small businesses.

I feel like it must be empowering – not just to be told here is a program that will help you in a certain way, but here is some money – and hence some freedom and independence – to allow you to help yourself.  No strings attached.

The success of Give Directly is backed by rigorous evidence and is backed by Give Well. On the Give Directly website you can see a live feed documenting the changes made by recipients and how they are spending the money they receive directly.  Read more here.