March 2018: Still or sparkling?

Earlier this year, in a retro move back to the 80s, we bought a SodaStream so we can make our own sparkling water at home. Up until this point our weekly shop included purchasing ten to twelve bottles of sparkling water and lugging them home – from the cashier to the car in a trolley, from the supermarket to home in the car and then carrying them inside. Oh, what a hardship it was.

Which of course makes my guilt all the greater when I think that for not that much more than a few SodaStream machines, our March donation will provide safe water to 797 community members for a whole year via ‘Dispensers for Safe Water’.

Every year over two million people die from water, sanitation and hygiene-related causes. Childhood diarrhea alone, caused by unsafe water and poor sanitation, kills more than 315,000 children each year.

Dispensers for Safe Water was named a Standout Charity in 2017 by GiveWell.

So as we set the table for dinner of the evening and check who wants what to drink – still or sparkling? –it’s yet another reminder to be so so grateful for the life of privilege we are enjoying.